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Commissioned works offer the customer the opportunity to have a work made "to measure" for a specific location. They can get advice on format, style and color scheme and ultimately determine these key data. The artist then creates a work according to the specifications. Commissions from the last two years were all made possible by the Galleria Kröger, Ascona and were carried out exclusively in the abstract area. For the large commissioned works, video presentations with sound were created that show the commissioned work and its inspiration and idea.
S-warm, 2024, 60x150cm + 60x80cm
Scope, 2024, 90x280cm
Sahara, 2022 + 2024, 2 pcs. 175x60
Eaulive, 2023, 7 pcs. 170x60cm
Videos of current commissioned works
Photos of current, abstract commissioned works
Photos of previous figurative commissions