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momentum series
The central theme of this series is momentum, the movement captured in the still structures of the image. These works are characterized by special techniques that the artist incorporates into her current works.
true colors series
This true colors series, as the name suggests, plays with the special use of colors, with a new, expressive color scheme. This is intended to achieve increased luminosity and enhanced expression .
hyperabstract series
The artist has been striving for years to abstract her works more and more, to offer the viewer fewer and fewer clues for interpretation and thus to create more freedom in viewing the image. The viewer should not be distracted by "logical", obvious parts of the picture, but should be able to rely completely on his daily new interpretation of the work.
white water series
Inspired by the fascination of water, its reflections, its refraction, its depth, its width, its waves, its whitecaps, its calm and wildness, in liquid and frozen form, I have created a unique series that impresses with its extraordinary depth and complexity .
peek-a-dance series
In 2022 I created a series of images that are basically based on the elements of the Peek-a-boo series. The theme of hide-and-seek and camouflage inspired me. I have deposited the silhouette of a dancer in these images.