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white water series
Inspired by the fascination of water, its reflections, its refraction, its depth, its width, its waves, its whitecaps, its calm and wildness, in liquid and frozen form, I have created a unique series that impresses with its extraordinary depth and complexity .
nordic feeling series
The works in this series were created as part of my NORDIC FEELING project during the 2-month artist residency at the Kirsten Kjaer Museum in Frostrup, North Jutland, Denmark. The sculptures are mainly inspired by the roughness of northern Denmark's beaches, the wild weather, the stormy sea, the cold gusts of wind, the screeching of seagulls. Abstract motifs of seaweed dancing in the current appear again and again. 
aluminiert series
The aluminized series represents the artistic follow-up to the 8-month art residency in Provence (Prix de la Sarazzine 2015). These works were all created after the time in the south of France from the impressions and memories in the home studio in Switzerland. The special light of Provence was the focus of this series. I also tried to capture this light in a series of sculptures in highly polished aluminum. Illuminated - aluminized. This would also explain the sponsorship for the series name of the picture series.
provessence series
This series was created during the 8-month art residency in Provence as part of winning the "Prix de la Sarrazine" art prize, which I was able to complete in Lauris in 2015. These works embody the essence of Provence, which I experienced during this period and which I have set myself the goal of making manifest as a project theme. The works in this extensive series implement the colors of Provence as well as the special light, the experiences of the time, and even the sounds and moods. 
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